The G.C. Weekender
an unique combination of a garment cover and weekender
Meet The G.C. Weekender

The G.C. Weekender is a must have for the modern traveler. A stylish, modest appearance masks the unique design of a garment cover and weekender combined into one product. As crafted with full detail to ergonomics the wearing comfort is nothing short of supreme adding to the outstanding user experience. Whether you suit-up regularly or a couple of times a year, The G.C. Weekender will become your go-to carry for crease free travel.

Garment cover zipped open showing compartments for shirts, shoes, passport, a tie, mobile phone and a suit on clothes hanger
tailored to the needs of the modern traveler
One bag fits all

Since The G.C. Weekender can be fully zipped open you can gently slide your suits or jackets in with ease. The integrated garment cover will wind up around the holdall. This exclusive design avoids hard sleeves and minimalizes the risk of creases and wrinkles in your most precious garments. The interior is organized and features multiple zippered compartments packing your shoes, tie and other travel essentials safely away.

Space, space and more space
Gone for days

With a capacity of 45 liters The G.C. Weekender is very spacious. It easily fits enough clothes for a couple of days. That’s exactly why The G.C. Weekender is also your perfect travel companion for a weekend away. The holdall is characterized by its sophisticated, minimalistic details. You’ll find these in the subtle use of yellow ocher and refined herringbone patterns. The G.C. Weekender, a combination of class and function that travels with you.

Our Quality Promise


What makes the G.C. Weekender unique?
Extremely durable and....

The rare combination of a suit carrier and holdall is already special. However do you also know what modern travelers find the most important features for travel bags? According to recent surveys that is durability, wearing comfort and having enough space. Check, check & check. We've got you covered!

Live it!



I can recommend it. As I'm a frequent business traveler I can say that the design is well thought out.


It arrived fast. Superb quality. Was looking for a bag like this for a while. Due to covid haven't used it much, but looking forward bringing it on my upcoming trips.


Bought it as a present for my husband. He has only used it during holiday. We went away for a week and the bag easily fit everything he needed.


Satisfied with the purchase. As my jackets are relatively large sized they didn't fit as seamlessly as I hoped, but overall the bag fits my needs.


I really like the concept of the bag. Prevent my suits from wrinkling during travel and the bag is easy to store as it doesn't take much space.

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