The travel trends for 2021

The travel trends for 2021

With the world beginning to reopen for leisure and business travel this year, individuals are keen to head back out into the world and start exploring again. Following the recent pandemic, people’s priorities for traveling have started to shift, so travelers are planning their trips this year with different expectations and requirements. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from the world of travel in 2021.

Combining Work and Travel recently stated that one-third of travelers had considered booking a vacation purely to work from somewhere else. With so many companies still requiring their employees to work from home, there’s no reason for individuals to be confined to their current location. You’ll find that more people will be taking extended trips to exotic destinations while still continuing to work their regular 9-5 job. Expect people to be looking for accommodation with excellent Wi-Fi or coworking spaces so they can be guaranteed a good connection for Zoom calls.

Traveling Closer to Home

Staycations were popular throughout the world last year, and with uncertainty about travel restrictions in some parts of the world still, many travelers are booking something closer to home to be safe. In the UK, 84% of British residents are planning a staycation this year, according to Staycations are a way to avoid disappointment with changing travel restrictions. 

Connecting With Nature

After spending so much time indoors in the past year, we’re all looking for ways to escape our homes and the connected lives we currently lead. You’ll find that travelers are looking for destinations that allow them to connect with nature, such as Iceland, Norway, and national parks. On top of that, individuals are looking to book accommodation via sites such as Airbnb, where they can find unique accommodation such as treehouses and shepherd’s huts.

Road Trips

We’ve all become more accustomed to traveling by car in the past year, and so the temptation to jump on a plane for a trip has been reduced for many travelers. Last summer, 71% of US travelers opted to drive instead of taking a plane journey, and this number is likely to be similar this year. Road trips allow you to explore off-the-beaten-track destinations, and you’ll find plenty of hidden treasures along the way. If you don’t want to travel in your own vehicle, you could consider upgrading to a van which you can sleep in at night as well.

Rental Accommodation

The concerns surrounding health and safety are still present with travelers around the world. People today are looking to remove themselves from busy hotels and resorts and instead are looking for quieter options where they don’t have to interact with other people after a busy day exploring a destination. Sites such as Airbnb are thriving this year, and families are looking to book larger accommodation options where they can enjoy more space and privacy. You can enjoy cooking in a kitchen as opposed to having to rely on dining out each night in restaurants and bars which may be overcrowded.

Active Vacations

Being stuck indoors last year has made us all more excited to head out and explore the world around us. Expect more people to book hiking and cycling adventures this year to enjoy an active vacation away from sitting at our desks all day long. These types of vacation can also be a more sustainable solution, which is something over 50% of travelers are concerned about today.

Budget-Friendly Travel

The recent pandemic has taken its toll on people around the world in a whole host of ways, with many people taking a huge hit financially. For people who have lost their jobs or had their hours severely cut down in the last year, they’ll be looking for ways to get away without spending a fortune. You’ll find that people are still looking to enjoy quality time away with family but don’t want to break the bank on their next trip. Camping and budget destinations will be two of the top trends for 2021 as they offer budget-friendly trips the whole family will enjoy.

It’s an exciting time for travelers around the world, as travel restrictions are slowly beginning to ease. Due to the uncertain nature of the world currently, these top travel trends will allow travelers to continue exploring the world around them in a way that feels safe and comfortable to them.