The G.C. Weekender
Grey jacket and trouser on coat hanger packed in integrated garment cover that is half zipped open. Grey tie in open zipped tie compartment.
The G.C. Weekender
The G.C. Weekender
The G.C. Weekender

The G.C. Weekender

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The G.C. Weekender is a must have for the modern traveler. A stylish, modest appearance masks the unique design of a garment cover and weekender combined into one product. This exclusive design avoids hard sleeves and minimalizes the risk of creases and wrinkles in your most precious garments. The interior is organized and features multiple zippered compartments packing your shoes, tie and other travel essentials safely away. With a capacity of 45 liters The G.C. Weekender is very spacious. It easily fits enough clothes for a couple of days. That’s exactly why The G.C. Weekender is also your perfect travel companion for a weekend away. The duffel bag is characterized by its sophisticated, minimalistic details. You’ll find these in the subtle use of yellow ocher and refined herringbone patterns. Whether you suit-up regularly or a couple times a year, The G.C. Weekender will become your go-to-carry for crease free travel.

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- Integrated garment cover avoids hard, tight folds and minimalizes the risk on creases
- Metal release buckles that prevents the zipper of the main compartment from opening randomly

- Invisible zipper on the outside for your most valuable items 
- Multiple zipper pockets to pack all travel essentials in an orderly fashion  
- Waterproof lining  
- Backflap to attach bag on trolly  
- Special zipper pocket for tie that avoids hard folding  
- Vegan leather handle   
- Integrated hook to store the travel bag   
- XL-ergonomically detachable shoulder strap for optimal wearing comfort  
- Shoes compartment to pack shoes separate from clothing  
- Bottom finished with vegan leather and metal studs for extra protection  
- Is classified as hand luggage by most airlines.

Exterior: 14 OZ lightweight twill cotton  
Shoulder strap and handles: cotton  
Lining: polyester  
Hardware: robust metal with black silver finish  
Vegan leather: premium quality microfiber leather    
Zippers: robust metal with black silver finish

The integrated garment cover has three different loops that fit a coat hanger. To prevent the bottom of your suit or jacket from folding, we recommend to use the loops accordingly to the size of your suit or jacket: 

If your suit or jacket has a bigger size than Large, there is a chance it won't fit the intergrated garment cover seamlessly as the bottom of the suit or jacket probably needs to be folded lightly to fit in.
Garment cover zipped open showing compartments for shirts, shoes, passport, a tie, mobile phone and a suit on clothes hanger

One Bag Fits All

What makes The G.C. Weekender special?

Durable icon

Twill cotton forms the basis of The G.C. Weekender. Thanks to the characteristic diagonal woven structure is this the most industrial and wrinkle proof cotton nowadays. This results in a sturdy duffel bag that doesn’t only protect its content, but is also wear and tear resistant. The aesthetically pleasing zippers with black and silver finishing are made of robust metal and they’ve gone through every possible stresstest. Zippers that get stuck or break are a part of the past.

Holdall with shoe compartment icon
Shoe Compartment

Do you prefer to travel in your sneakers, but do you need your brogues or loafers upon arrival? The duffel bag has a separate shoe compartment that provides the perfect solution. Pack your shoes without worrying about them touching your clothes or toiletries. Hygienic and handy, all at once.

Garment cover icon
Integrated Garment Cover

The G.C. Weekender features an integrated garment cover for your most precious garments. Since the duffel bag can be fully zipped open, you can gently slide your jackets or suits in with ease. This compartment will wind up around your duffel bag. This unique construction avoids hard sleeves and minimalizes the risk on wrinkles and creases.

Time to disappear for your next trip

If you occasionaly travel with jackets or suits and don't like the hassle of lugging around two seperate bags we're confident The G.C. Weekender is simply made for you. It keeps your jackets creaseless while offering the storage ability of a duffle bag.

Vegan leather icon
Premium Vegan Leather

The G.C. Weekender is finished with vegan leather. The bottom of the holldall is provided with this leather for extra protection. The leather is true premium quality. It doesn’t only look sophisticated, but also feels soft as silk.

Wearing comfort icon
Optimal Wearing Comfort

The design of the ergonomically detachable shoulder strap minimizes the chances on shoulder pain. Due to the extra big size of the strap, the total weight of the packed duffel bag will be evenly distributed over your shoulder. This will avoid any shoulder pains or unpleasant feelings. Besides that, the strap is also quilted. Regardless how heavy you’ve packed The G.C. Weekender, the wearing comfort will always be optimal.

Waterproof icon
Waterproof Lining

The lining of The G.C. Weekender is made of high-quality polyester. This will keep your most precious wardrobe items as dry as possible.    

Durability = design

Our Quality Promise



I can recommend it. As I'm a frequent business traveler I can say that the design is well thought out.


It arrived fast. Superb quality. Was looking for a bag like this for a while. Due to covid haven't used it much, but looking forward bringing it on my upcoming trips.


I really like the concept of the bag. Prevent my suits from wrinkeling during travel and the bag is easy to store as it doesn't take much space.


Satisfied with the purchase. As my jackets are relatively large sized they didn't fit as seamlessly as I hoped, but overall the bag fits my needs.